It is obvious when you read what he writes that Stanton DeFreitas strongly believes that he derived great benefit from his experiences in childhood. Back then, he was being raised in the Scarborough section of Toronto, which is one of the most diverse areas of one of the most diverse cities in Canada. There, he was exposed to a wide variety of traditions and cultures, and he attempted to embrace them all. Stanton DeFrietas understands the substantial advantage of being raised in such diversity. As a Canadian with Caribbean roots, he has been able to both witness and experience so many cultures that it has greatly enhanced his career as an international business consultant.

That said, whereas his cultural education has transformed Stanton DeFreitas into an excellent businessman, he actually sees it as a much greater advantage than that. He is eager to impart everything he has learned to others and share his wisdom with the world, in a way that makes everyone’s life better and fuller. All humans do better with a higher level of cultural diversity. The initial cultural clash that often happens is only temporary for most people. The more they experience of other cultures, the more acceptable they seem and the more tolerant they become. Stanton DeFreitas feels that everyone should make an effort to broaden their exposure to other cultures to the extent possible in every aspect of life, so as to lessen the potential conflict among people. The idea of creating a melting pot is a good one, and we should embrace it.

In fact, that is the primary reason Stanton DeFreitas has a desire to become a writer. Through his writing, he believes that he can communicate his unusual vision to a large audience about many of the issues he feels are most important to society. He wants to write about current events, travel, sports and even personal health and wellness, but on an international, multicultural basis.