Stanton DeFreitas firmly believes hat all cultures can work better together than they can as separate entities. In fact, the more we all work together, the better off the entire world will be. For example, in our culture, drug abuse is a major problem. What if another future has a way to mitigate pain that doesn’t have at its heart an addictive and dangerous chemical? How will we know about that, if we don’t all speak to each other, or we continue to each maintain our own cultural bubbles?

It is quite obvious that Stanton DeFreitas derived great benefit from his childhood. And why not? It was a very unique upbringing, where this Canadian with roots in the Caribbean was constantly exposed to a great many traditions and cultures. He embraced as many of them as possible. He firmly believes that his exposure to so many perspectives on almost every issue is what has turned him into a good man and a great businessman. Now, he wants to be a writer. This is because he believes his writing will allow him to share everything he’s learned with the world and make everything work better for all people.